Do you need help coping with COVID-19 and the fears and anxiety that it can cause?

For the next two months, I am offering single sessions by donation to help people get more grounded and reduce their anxiety.  Pay what you can and pass it on.  All my sessions will be on Zoom video conferencing or by phone until further notice.  If you have family or friends to include on a group tapping, that is easily arranged.

Be well, everyone.  Here are my tips for getting through this:

  • Stay connected with those you love and your community
  • Tap when you feel fear
  • (I’m adding this now);  start a meditation practice today.  It doesn’t have to be long (even 5 minutes will help), but it does need to be consistent, like daily or twice daily.  This will give us more benefits than we might consciously know.


Initial Consultation

Phone. 30 min. FREE. New to EFT or new to me? See if this is a good fit.  Email me: to schedule your consultation or click the button below.

Discovery Session

In-person, phone, Zoom. 60 min. $110.

We explore the roots of the issue(s) you would like resolved, including where you are with the self-healing work you’ve already done up to now.  We clarify goals that make sense to your life and come up with a strategy for making progress on them through my coaching program.

One-On-One Sessions

In-person, phone, Zoom. 60 min. $110.

Ready to go? These are the workhorses of the transformation that occurs when we work together. Sessions may include EFT, Picture Tapping, Matrix Reimprinting, coaching, or other modalities. Writing, tapping and taking action between sessions reinforce the shifts that take place during sessions. Single sessions are available only to returning clients.

Packages of Sessions

Add a reduced-price package to your Discovery Session.

Three One-On-One Sessions. 60 min ea. $297 (9% discount).

Five One-On-One Sessions. 60 min ea. $467 (15% discount).

Ten One-On-One Sessions. 60 min ea. $897 (19% discount)

Why can’t I just book a single EFT session?

You can, if you are a returning client! Many of my clients come back for a “tune up” now and then, or get a reduced-price package to blast through a troublesome issue that has wormed its way up into daily life. These are easy for both of us—we already know and trust each other so the work goes quickly and easily.

Workshops, Classes, Presentations

From time to time, I offer in-person events. Please join my list to hear about these.

Custom workshops or presentations. Introduce EFT to your colleagues at work, your clients, or your family. I make these fun! Click here to see what I’ve done in the past. Then click on the “Learn More” button to contact me.