My Toolbox – Tapping


“Picture Tapping brings about instant results – Tapping into the colors of emotions is powerful!” — Norma

If you find it difficult to set boundaries with people or you find yourself living with a lot of deep held resentment or anxious feelings that you just can’t shake, Picture Tapping is a gentle and creative way to gain awareness and resolution. 

With Picture Tapping, you can dive into and resolve patterns you’ve carried your whole life, even when you don’t know where they came from.  This is the sort of emotional “atmosphere” that can hamper your ability to speak up and show up in life.  You don’t have to know where to start. 

Picture tapping, like all of the tools I use, rewires neural pathways with new information, reframing old, limiting beliefs, and transforming the energy and emotions you feel in your body.  All the tools I use are effective for changing patterns that are no longer helpful, whether you believe you acquired them in this life time, in a past lifetime, in early (pre-verbal) childhood, or in utero. For example:

  • Anxious feelings
  • I am not good enough.
  • Something terrible is going to happen
  • Writers Block
  • Past lives
  • My resistance to letting go of this problem
  • All the events that led up to this problem.
  • Blocks to success
  • Money worries
  • My mother
  • Family (or relationship) worries
  • Low self esteem

“I enjoyed this opportunity to learn more about myself. The (picture tapping) technique really helped me to quickly identify my feelings about troublesome issues and work through them. I keep looking at the positive picture I drew yesterday and am heartened by the progress I made in reframing my problem. The “picture” tool you’re using is quite effective!” –Stephanie

What is Picture Tapping?

Picture Tapping is a form of EFT where we use a sequence of fast drawings, interspersed with EFT Tapping on “what we have drawn.” Each round of drawing/tapping builds on the self-awareness gained from the round before.  You feel yourself calming down and begin to understand more and more about the issue.  Finally, the problem melts away in resolution.

Using classical EFT in this way bypasses the rational, “thinking/analyzing” left brain and works with the creative right brain where imagery, metaphors, dreams, and the deep currents of spirit reside. 

If you get nervous at the idea of drawing in front of someone else, this exercise can help you to loosen up and be curious.  Fear of having your drawings seen is a form of “losing your voice.”  With Picture Tapping, we don’t need to “interpret” the pictures.  It’s better to stay in the right brain as much as possible where we don’t need to analyze.  This approach lets you explore a situation the way you might have as a young child, using art and play.  The use of EFT with this method of drawing allows us resolve issues very quickly that have a lot of emotional baggage, or a very involved story.  

“The symbolic language of quick-drawing was a fun, easy, colorful way to access that inner voice that’s usually hidden, ashamed, and afraid. Once I could see the “picture” I could put words to it and give it voice.” —Maribeth Moore