My Toolbox – Matrix

Matrix Reimprinting

“Lou Ellyn is clear, insightful and thorough in her tapping sessions.  I particularly find her instructions and use of Matrix Reimprinting extremely effective.  She guides the first-time user well, giving clear instructions, creating powerful healing scenarios.  She gets to the core root of the problem, and I like how carefully she tests each aspect the client surfaces.  Then you can look forward to homework to complete at home, knowing she’ll be asking you what you learn at your next session! She’s a delight to work with!” — MG

Have you ever said, “I’m just not good at public speaking,” and then needed to give a talk at work, and it was a disaster?  Chances are you’ve suffered through past events that “proved” being up in front of people, or saying what you think is super hard.  So it has been.  Law of Attraction, right?

We decide things are hard, usually, when we go through a traumatic event alone.  We don’t have anyone to talk it over with, reassure us that we’re ok, remind us that people can be unthinking, but don’t let that stop you.  The difference between a trauma that teaches us to be stronger and better and a trauma that keeps us stuck is having someone in our corner.

With Matrix Reimprinting, we become that wise, supportive “someone” to our younger selves. We talk it over, we tap with them (in our imagination, of course).  We find out what they need.  You actually CHANGE how you feel in your body and and you suddenly feel like, “This isn’t a big deal.” We call that “being resourced.”

What is Matrix Reimprinting?

Matrix Reimprinting is a form of EFT, an Energy Psychology technique that draws on, and shares concepts with, quantum physics, Heartmath, inner child work, and much more. It allows us to transform the emotional learning related to past traumatic events, shifting the emotions, beliefs and decisions made at the time of the adverse event.  So, while it doesn’t actually change “what happened” it does change how you feel about this issue