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Meet Lou Ellyn
Lou Ellyn Jones, EFT Coach

“Lou Ellyn is a phenomenal guide.  She is wide open to my story and helps me see my experiences through a broader lens.  After I spend time with her I feel lighter and more equipped to move forward on my spiritual journey.” –Ruth J.

I am a “Find Your Voice” Coach and writer who has experienced the pain of not being able to say what I need or what’s important.

I grew up with family alcoholism, where I learned that it wasn’t always safe to say what I thought. I focused on what others wanted and needed, but I couldn’t tell you what I wanted and needed. Later on in life, I didn’t seem to have the boldness that others had. Maybe I’m just a “B-minus” student, I thought. I wondered if something was wrong with me.

My first love was writing.  I had some early success selling articles to major magazines.  But I second-guessed myself.  Writer’s block plagued me.  I trained as a chemical dependency counselor and later developed a career as a professional biologist doing environmental work.

Throughout my career, I felt disappointed.  Either life wasn’t giving me the opportunities I craved, or I didn’t have the courage to act on the ones that were there.  Whatever it was, I felt like I had an invisible ceiling over me that limited my ability to shine and sapped my strength to step up.

I set out to change this.  I took every training I could find on becoming a better communicator:  setting boundaries, conflict resolution, mediation, powerful presentations, assertiveness, dealing with difficult people, crucial conversations, and so on.  I had the skills, but every time it came to facing someone and speaking up, I felt like running.  Just hearing a passionate argument (that didn’t even involve me) made me anxious.

I felt like I was too dependent on the approval of others.  I tried all kinds of self-help groups, teachers, therapies, and programs.  They all helped.  What helped even more was EFT (also called Emotional Freedom Techniques or “tapping”) and Matrix Reimprinting (another form of EFT).

I now know that I lost my voice as a very young girl.  Today, I have it back, and I appreciate what that takes.  I want to share the powerful tools and ideas I have found with other women who, like me, have suffered from swallowed words and invisibility.

Whether you want to set boundaries with others, say “no” without losing connection, or speak up and speak out through writing or public speaking, I can help.  Having found my own voice, I want to support you in finding yours too.

Oh yeah.  That “B-minus” feeling I used to have?  Gone.

By the way, in my past, I’d never think of highlighting what I’ve done.  Way too much visibility!  But since we’re talking about visibility, here’s mine:

I’ve been an EFT Coach in private practice since 2012, doing:

  • One-on-one sessions
  • EFT Tapping Groups
  • Public speaking and presenting.  If you are interested in hosting me, let me know.
Classes or trainings I've presented

​Emotional Support
• Raise Your Vibration Using EFT Tapping, monthly group, 2017-present.
• "Toward Healing the Relationship with Mom" an all day workshop.  2019
• Clearing Negative Beliefs About Aging, presentation, 2016.
• Intro to EFT, workshop for therapists, 2013.
• Come Joyfully Home to Yourself, women's weekend retreat, 2013.
• Intro to EFT Tapping, presentation, 2013.
• Oh No!  I'm Seeing My Family for the Holidays! Presentation, 2017.
• Stress-less Holidays, presentation, 2013.

"I didn't know about ACEs (Adverse Childhood Experiences) and although I'm sure some people did, I found that to be very interesting and how tapping can have a positive impact on shifting the effects of trauma and stress." -- Lilly (Participant at "Oh No, I’m Seeing my Family over the Holidays!" – Lilly

"It was fun to learn about the science and history of tapping and talk about some of society’s "norms" when it comes to feelings. Lou Ellyn provided a fun interactive learning environment and welcomed questions. The group dynamic was supportive and open while talking about experiences. We dived into the tapping to see for ourselves how easy it is to integrate this great medicine in our daily lives." -- KM (Participant at "Oh No, I’m Seeing my Family over the Holidays!")

• Warriors Wellness Project, ongoing EFT group, 2012.
• Participated as an EFT Coach in a national study assessing EFT  effectiveness on veterans with combat-related trauma,  2012.
Weight Loss
• Emotional Support for the Whole 30 Challenge, group, 2014.
• Weight Loss Using EFT, four-week class, 2013.

Trainings I’ve attended

• Upcoming:  Inherited Family Trauma Training Intensive, 2018.
• Picture Tapping Training, 2018.
• "Ambassador" Training for EFT and Matrix Reimprinting, 2017.
• EFT Level 3, 2017.
• Matrix Reimprinting with EFT, 2016.
• Matrix Reimprinting for Specific Issues, 2016.
• Resolving Emotional Trauma and PTSD with EFT, 2016.
• EFT Level 1 and 2 (assisted with classes), 2012, 2014, and 2016.
• Resolving Emotional Trauma and PTSD with EFT, 2015.
• Financial Success and Personal Fulfillment with EFT, 2014.
• Crucial Conversations, 2013.
• Matrix Reimprinting Introduction, 2013.
• 40-hour Professional Mediation Training, 2012.
• EFT Level 2,  2011.
• EFT Level 1, 2 and 3, 2011.

My Certificates & Degrees

• Candidate, Certificate of Completion, Picture Tapping Practitioner, 2018.
• Certificate of Completion, Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner, 2016.
• Certificate of Completion, EFT Intermediate Practitioner, 2012.
• Master's Degree, Environmental Studies, The Evergreen State College.
• Associates Degree, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Pierce College.

“It was very refreshing to have you be a person with a scientific and inquiring mind! Energy work carries some baggage from magical practitioners and you were able to bring the science around EFT, to our tapping/energy work!  With your help, the shifts in my personal skills around self-regulation and acceptance were palpable and measurable. I don’t remember that being the case in other kinds of recovery work I have done. I came away with a treasure box full of ways to continue this work on my own.” –Penny Purkerson