Have you lost your voice in one of these ways?

The kind of problems I help women solve

  • Do you get anxious speaking up when someone disagrees with you? How about asking for what you want? Setting boundaries? Is your voice too soft, high-pitched, or fast when you get nervous? What if you felt more connected and safe when you needed to speak up?

  • Do people talk over you or interrupt at meetings? Does it seem like others get opportunities you wish you had? Do you carry resentments? Do you feel anxious about your performance? How would you like to feel more empowered and have more fun at work?

  • Do you get short of breath or a pounding heart at the idea of public speaking? How about launching a website? Sending a story out to a publisher? Posting a blog? What if being visible were more comfortable? What if it were easier?

  • Does it seem like others’ needs are more important than yours? That you lack the energy and time to nurture yourself? That voices from your family of origin or the culture itself have drowned out your inner voice? If you were more grounded in who you really are, how might that change your life?

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  • “You have a well-stocked tool kit! You offered an array of energy psychology techniques. From breaking out art supplies to powerful Matrix Reimprinting, you hold multifaceted solutions for the complex, deeply rooted issues.” — Gabbi Korrow.

  • Maribeth Moore

    “Tapping and working with the right-brain takes you to a much deeper level, revealing thoughts and feelings - and then guidance for resolution - that I wouldn’t have gotten with just talking it out. The symbolic language of quick-drawing was a fun, easy, colorful way to access that inner voice that’s usually hidden, ashamed, and afraid. Once I could see the “picture” I could put words to it and give it voice. Giving voice to my inner fear and shame shined light on it, showed me what it really was, and disarmed any hold on me.”

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  • H.C.

    “You were so patient and kind. Every session was unique and you were effective in honing into what I needed in any particular moment. You engaged me in my own healing and created an interactive and empowering experience. I hold a lot of emotion in my throat and gut. We spent a lot of time clearing those chakras which to me are directly related to my inner and outer voice. I became more in touch with my intuition throughout my sessions. I feel stronger in my voice and more honest with myself after these sessions. Thank you so much for your help in my healing. You have truly changed my life and how I deal with my traumas.”

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  • Gabbi Korrow

    “Unknowingly, various painful events were suppressing my self-confidence and innate joy—putting a major damper on my mojo! I benefited most from breaking open and tapping through these parts of my past. You created a kind and playful environment where I felt safe to be a woman in all my shades of shame and sadness and elation. By having the supportive, safe container that you created, I was able to open and work through these past events that have held me back.”

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Getting Deeper

My words on the subject of finding your voice.